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Pelican Fishing
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Monofilament (or mono) fishing line is fishing line made from a single fiber of plastic. Monofilament fibers are cheap to produce and are produced in a range of diameters which have different tensile strengths.

Mono is made by melting and polymers and then extruding the mixture through small holes, forming strands of line, which are then spun into spools of various thicknesses.

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Mono Trace -$8.90

100m of premium Pelican Fishing mono trace.

  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Tough
  • Supple

40lb = .5mm



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500m Daiwa Mono Nylon -$14.90

500m Nylon mono. Japanese made.

Fluro Yellow.

Choice of:

  • 0.370mm (20lb)
  • 0.405mm (25lb)
  • 0.435mm (30lb)
  • 0.467mm (36lb)